Gerard F.

Gerard F.
June 27, 2017 Christopher Buonomo

“I did not expect to make $25k in my account after 3 months of trading.”

MTI: Who are you? What do you do? Where do you live? How old are you?  

Gerard: I am of French origin (the FX Chief knows me as “Frenchy” from MTI’s Anniversary Event). I moved to the US in 1988 and currently live in Durham, NC. I am Electromechanical Engineering Consultant who audits Hospitality facilities. I now mostly trade Forex about 80% of my time and plan on doing it full time in 2018. My hobbies are music (acoustic guitar) and sailing my 25ft Hunter sailboat. My motto is to always be positive, listen and make someone smile daily. Treat people the way you want to be treated.

MTI: What made you decide to become a Forex trader?

Gerard: I was an executive for years, traveling constantly for work, often spending 50-60 hours a week away from my family. After some research, I discover the Forex market and it made sense to me to educate myself about it and learn from the best team, which is MTI.

MTI: Why did you choose Josh Martinez as a mentor?

Gerard: I am part of Josh’s MasterMind Course. He is the best teacher I know, and he really cares for his students. I love his teaching approach and he really helps us understand how to better analyze our charts.

MTI: How much have you earned from your investment?

Gerard: I did not expect to make $25k in my account after 3 months of trading. It takes a lot of discipline, and you must take advantage of all the training and videos that MTI offers. Review them more than once. You will always find a “Ha Ha” moment every time you review them. If there is nothing to trade then I review MTI training courses again.

I joined MTI January 2016, trading with a demo account for a full year. I launched my live account on March 1, 2017. I follow the lessons MTI taught me about ABCD Retracements, Support and Resistance, and the importance of Trendlines. I typically go after a 50/60 pip target with a minimum goal of $2500 a week, trading 1 Standard Lot. My trading strategy is like baseball: I go after first base over and over…rarely after the home run!

MTI: What are you going to do with all of your investment earnings?

Gerard: I am 57 years old and I want to retire early. I plan to use Forex trading to provide financial security for my kids and their future. Some of my profits also go to St Jude Hospital and I feel blessed, happy, and proud to be able to do it. The more profit I make, the more I will donate. This is a huge motivation for me!

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