Robert O.

Robert O.
June 15, 2016 admin

Robert, a retired educator from Longwood, Florida discusses his experience in The Ultimate Traders Package on DemandTM and the Wealth and Freedom Experience LIVE Course. He talks about how impressive the curriculum was and how it was organized. He also touches on the personal experience and the wealth of knowledge gained from being in a live class with other clients.

“Discipline. Making sure that you get rid of the emotion and look at the technical analysis.”

MTI: How did you get started in the Forex Market? What brought you to Market Traders Institute?

Robert: Through some mutual friends, heard discussions about MTI and then I looked into them on my own at that point. In fact, we live close by — or I do — so I drove up and talked to them in live person here and my wife joined me at that point. And, we were really impressed with the Chief and the organization. The content, the curriculum really really endorsed that and so that’s what interested us and how we got involved.

MTI: What have you taken away from The Ultimate Traders Package on DemandTM so far?

Robert: Discipline. Making sure that you get rid of the emotion and look at the technical analysis. If I could put an underscore under technical analysis. of analyzing all the things, trend lines, whatever we’re looking at candlesticks and so on that’s the main thing I’ve seen and putting all those individual concepts into a holistic approach. That’s been the major thing.

MTI: How has it been working with the FX Chief?

Robert: Chief sells the program: His sincerity, his expertise, his willingness to go to any length to help as well as all the employees, children and so on that are involved here. It’s just impressive. There’s no question that he can sell you from his expertise alone. Great teacher, patient, funny, but at the same time you know the man really knows what he’s talking about and so the credibility is really really high.

MTI: Any advice for potential clients?

Robert: I would say to those people who are potentially coming in, as I have already said to several as I’ve gone through doctor’s visits, in the office talking with people–recommend them highly. I recommend several people contact the organization MTI to see what’s going on and will be glad to continue to do that in the future.

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