Tim F.

Tim F.
June 27, 2017 Christopher Buonomo

“I have gone from trying to trade every pair to only wanting to trade the best setups. Enter Josh Martinez. His MasterMind course brings a detailed focus to those pairs.”

MTI: Who are you? What do you do? Where do you live? How old are you?  

Tim: I heard tell someone once made the comment, “What a long strange trip it has been.”

I am 57, and currently living in Fargo, ND for 5 years now. I came out here from North Idaho. I spent the previous 6 years working as a computer / network tech for a school district in Kellogg, Idaho. I had exhausted all opportunities with the school district, and it was time to move on. I spent the first year and a half working as a Microsoft Exchange support engineer for a temp outfit called “Volt”. I had the job before I moved out here. I went from being a Premier Tier II Support engineer to being a Premier Tier III Escalation Support engineer. I worked with clients / companies / corporations worldwide.

As I started looking for other work, I came across an opportunity to install computer hardware for the installation of Electronic Medical Records with a couple of different temp outfits for Catholic Health Initiatives’ “One Care Program”. I went from assisting the team lead to being the team lead within two months. A short time later I was asked if I would like to take on an I.T. Project Manager role overseeing all of the hardware needs for the EMRs installations. That entailed overseeing all hardware teams for all of the end user equipment needs right on through to the data center needs. Active Directory accounts / Citrix access / Routers / Firewalls / Wireless Controllers / Switches / Storage / Servers / Computers / Specialized printers / etc.

Catholic Health Initiatives, (CHI) owns hospitals / clinics across the country; Ambulatory, Acute Care and Cancer. As a Project Manager I have been all across the country, seeing places / interacting with people from all types of cultures. It was a great time full of all types of challenges.

Someone once mentioned that “all things come to an end”. The projects were completed and the sites were live an in use by the EMRs. CHI closed down the program. I was classified as an independent IT contract worker. As such, I was not going to take on a help desk support role listening to some clueless individual drone on about temp companies’ policies, and procedures.

MTI: What made you decide to become a Forex trader?

Tim: Eons ago I had become a licensed insurance / mutual fund agent. That gave me a glimpse into the stock market, along with financial thoughts / expectations. Nothing ever really came of that effort. Back in those days in North Idaho, the people that really needed the policies could not afford them; the ones that could afford them already had their needs covered. As the years have passed I have traded stocks / options with varying degrees of success / failure.

Last spring (just over a year ago now) with the projects completed, I decided to take time off to decompress from all of the intense traveling / grind I had been doing for 3 years straight. Going into that spring, I knew the program about to be closed out. I came up with the bright idea of being serious about trading stocks. Since I really didn’t have much knowledge about trading, I started searching online for help. I tried Chaikin Analytics. I wanted more, that lead me to Bill Poulos and his mentoring program. That in turn led me to MTI since I was looking for charting software to use. I started with MTI’s Stock, and Options Foundations Course. One evening I received a link to view a presentation on the Forex market. Once I viewed that, I knew what type of trading I really wanted to do. I have the ability / habit, (point of view), of charging in where angels fear to tread. Whole hog, damn the torpedoes. (Once upon a time I used to ride submarines.)

Needless to say, my results last year reflected the habit of figuring it out after I am in neck deep. I did have some great months last year. I also had some disastrous months. Life has a way of creating chaos out of the blue which exacerbated a couple of those disastrous months. It must be a universal rule that if you need immediate cash, your trades will be seriously underwater forcing you to take large losses. The nice thing is I know I can make back the various setbacks. This year my trading results are better than last year. By the end of July, I should be breakeven / slightly ahead on my trading since I started last year with Forex.

MTI: Why did you choose Josh Martinez as a mentor?

Tim: As I have become more attuned to trading I have gone from trying to trade every pair to only wanting to trade the best setups. Enter Josh Martinez. His MasterMind course brings a detailed focus to those pairs.

Over the past several years I have become more aware of timing / opportunities of events. I find it amazing how one thing will lead an individual to the next. At the “moment” it doesn’t seem to be anything, but in retrospect a path / support / mentors sure seem to show up when needed. This past year has also given me insight into the world as a whole that I normally would not be paying attention to due to the location of our country. With some of the extreme changes / shake ups that have been going on I feel that I have acquired 3 – 4 years’ worth of experience.

MTI: What are you going to do with all of your investment earnings?

Tim: Going forward, using the tools / knowledge / confidence provided by Market Traders Institute’s courses, I feel an individual can’t help but make a living as a full time Forex trader. My plans for next year are to move to a location where I plan on retiring. I will then have options on buying / building / renting as I see fit. A few years ago ,while I was still with the school district I took a vacation to the Caribbean, where I spent 2 weeks scuba diving off of Roatan, Honduras. That was an amazing experience that I look forward to repeating in a variety of locations around the world.

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