Angie Dixon

Angie Dixon

SNR Options Analyst

“Don’t worry about the trades that you miss, there will always be another and you can always get back in.”

Angelica Dixon, Angie for short, has been trading in the equities markets for more than 10 years. Starting her trading journey in stock trading before entering into equity options arena, she sought fast-paced, active market trades and became a full-time trader in her mid-20s. While she loved the trader lifestyle, she wanted more. She began teaching others how to master options strategies for any type of trading lifestyle.

She’s taught for multiple trading educators as a Senior Options Strategist before joining Market Traders Institute as the Senior Options Analyst for The Ultimate Options Course.

She now enjoys her days teaching traders worldwide profitable routines in the market as well as being a mother to her spunky toddler and chihuahua, as well as a wife to her fellow-trader husband (MTI Senior Stock Analyst, Kevin Dixon) in their home in Orlando, Fl.

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