Isaac Martinez

Isaac Martinez

CEO/Founder SmartTrader

“An avid investor and mastermind behind MTI’s The Ultimate Charting Software”

Market Traders Institute’s Chief Operating Officer, Isaac Martinez, is an avid investor celebrated as the mastermind behind MTI’s “Ultimate Charting Software.”

Striving to understand every element behind Market Traders Institute’s success, Isaac has held a position in nearly every department in the company since 1999. Now, as the company has transitioned to focus more on technological innovation for traders, Isaac’s passion and incredible vision for taking MTI’s technological side to the next level has made him indispensable to the company’s growth.

Chief among Isaac’s innovations has been his pet project – MTI’s Ultimate Charting Software – which now provides unparalleled investment software to both experienced and brand new Forex traders. User reactions to this new charting software have been incredibly positive, and the UCS now serves as an exemplary introductory product for people seeking to enter the Forex market.

An avid investor himself, Isaac has put his Series 3 and school of hardknocks lessons to good use. He incorporates intelligent design and top-notch performing software, and delivers it to the hands of MTI’s students worldwide.

When he’s not out on the water, boating and diving with friends and family, he’s at Market Traders Institute enforcing the “culture over performance” mindset found in MTI’s core values.

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