Jacob Martinez

Jacob Martinez


“Labors to put the customer’s Forex learning needs above everything else”

Inspired by his father’s vision, Jacob Martinez entered into the Forex education world as the Vice President of Managed Accounts for Market Traders Institute, Inc. in 2004. After seeing rapid success, he quickly transitioned into the Forex education department and was instrumental in developing, creating and growing MTI’s sales and marketing departments. Jacob has held just about every leadership position in the company and after several years of tremendous company growth, he was promoted to company president in 2007 and CEO in 2017.

Prior to joining MTI, Jacob spent 4 1/2 years in the Army with the military intelligence field. He was quickly promoted to a sergeant and held multiple leadership positions.

He served two tours in Afghanistan, which helped him develop his strong work ethic and become the valiant leader he is today. After years of working in the Army’s fast-paced environment, he increased his problem-solving skills, ability to think quickly in stressful situations and polished his ability to motivate the brave men and women in his company. MTI was honored to have Jacob bring these skills to their team.

For many years now, Jacob has been the hands-on leader and motivator at MTI, as he diligently works to not only build upon MTI’s trusted brand name but to also labor to put the customer’s Forex learning needs above everything else. He wants to always challenge team members to carry the eagle’s mentality. Jacob takes pride in MTI’s success as a measure of the successes of clients, rather than profits and name recognition.

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