Joshua Martinez

Joshua Martinez

Director of Client Success

“Trading comes down to two things: What you’re willing to put into it and what you believe you deserve to take out.”

Before his days as an expert analyst and trader seen in Trader Planet’s Digital Journal, Your Trading Edge and FX Street, Josh was your average guy before he became the Forex world’s FX Pathfinder. He knew he wanted to do something he was passionate about for a living, but it seemed like nothing was working out.

About the time he became a firefighter, the county was put on a hiring freeze. When he became a paramedic, the hours and work wasn’t really what he expected. When he moved across the country to become a personal trainer, he discovered that the pay he made for 70 hours each work week wasn’t creating the life he wanted to lead. In his words, he had settled for an average life. He didn’t want to limit his income to the amount of hours he could work during the week. In an effort to turn things around, he began following his father’s footsteps as he began his trading journey.

Now eight years into the game, Josh has made a name for himself with the London Daybreak strategy and trading feats such as doubling his trading account in a single month and earning $10,000 in 30 minutes with his personal trading strategies. As a course creator, mentor and active instructor with MTI, you can find Josh in MTI client classes, live training sessions and MTI’s free workshop series that are open to the public.

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