Tad Devan

Tad Devan

SNR Currency Strategist

“The Forex Market has changed my life.”

Tad DeVan got involved in the Forex market with the help of Market Traders Institute and a variety of mentors. By going through MTI’s education and utilizing the tools provided, he’s been able to develop “spatial intelligence,” which has allowed him to more accurately predict what will happen in the market as he seeks bigger-picture implications for market movements.

Tad DeVan worked at Charles Schwab and now works for MTI. Needless to say, his passion for understanding and earning in the markets won’t let him get away from trading and the markets.

He has been trading for more than 8 years and is better known as FX Techno (for his key use of technology to simplify and streamline his trading). His FX name was given to him as an analyst in the Analyst on Demand room where he helped traders across the globe analyze the live market, spot trade set ups and see how their theoretical trading strategies can be turned into gold through real-life examples.

Although he has a long list of accomplishments as a trader and analyst, he is best known for his emotional intelligence in the markets which he mentors other traders in developing.

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